Personal Development, Health and Physical Education is one of the Key Learning Areas in the NSW Secondary Curriculum. It has been designed to provide educational opportunities that prepare all students for effective and responsible participation in their society, taking account of moral, ethical and spiritual considerations. It is hoped that students will develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes which are essential for all students to succeed in and beyond their schooling.


St Mary’s provides a range of sporting and recreational facilities and equipment. There are two tennis courts, which can also be used for netball and volleyball. In addition to this the school has access to council facilities.


PDHPE (Years 7-10)

These are mandatory courses.

The course follows a syllabus that covers four content strands designed to provide students with specific skills and knowledge in order to develop positive attitudes, values and morals in health physical activity and lifestyle related issues. The four main focus areas in the strands are based on communicating, interacting, planning, moving, decision making and problem solving.

PDHPE (Years 11-12)

The two-unit Course is offered in Years 11 and 12. Study in these courses deals with individual and community health, fitness issues and scientific principles that relate to movement, sport and exercise. In addition to this, students study options in improving performance, sports medicine, first aid and outdoor recreation. Students are given the opportunity to gain The Red Cross Senior First Aid Certificate. Students also participate in an outdoor recreation excursion which provides students with an opportunity to develop outside the classroom.

SLR (Year 11)

This two unit course is offered in Year 11 and areas of study include aquatics, games and sport, sports administration and social perspectives of games and sport.

PASS (Years 9/10 elective)

This elective course is offered to provide students with the opportunity to further develop the knowledge and skills which relate to sport, fitness and health.

For further information please contact PDHPE Leader of Learning Miss Shelley Thurgood,