Complaint Management: 

A Guide for Parents/ Caregivers & Community Members


Catholic schools in the Diocese of Armidale are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all students and staff. This requires a commitment to fairness, trust, respect and reconciliation. 


Resolving the issue at the school 

Most issues of concern at your child’s school can be handled quickly and informally by having a conversation with someone at the school.


If the issue relates to students, parents/caregivers and community members must never approach the student/s to discuss the matter. You should contact the school and request a time to speak with your child’s teacher or the principal about the issue.


If the issue concerns a staff member, parents/caregivers and community members are encouraged to call or visit the school to request a time to meet with the relevant staff member to discuss the matter. If you don’t feel comfortable discussing the matter with the staff member, or if you discuss the matter with the staff member but are not satisfied with the outcome, please contact the school to request a time to discuss the issue with the principal. 


When you call or go to the school to make an appointment to speak with the principal, it is important to give brief details of the issue so that the principal can speak with the staff member about the issue. In this way, the principal will be able to find out more about what happened before you meet, and may even be able to provide a resolution at your meeting.


If the issue is not resolved at the school level, or if the concern is about the principal, you can choose to make a formal complaint.


How do I make a formal complaint? 

  1. Send an email to Please include your telephone number in the email.
  2. Write a letter to: The Complaints Manager, Armidale Catholic Schools, PO Box 636, Armidale 2350. Please include your telephone number in the letter.
  3. Call  the Armidale Catholic Schools Office on 6772 7388 and ask to speak with the complaints manager. 


The complaints manager will discuss the matter with you then contact the school principal to find out more about the issue, and to understand the reasons for any decisions. If you have not yet met with the principal, the principal will be asked to contact you to invite you to a meeting to discuss your concerns.


Depending on the nature of the complaint, the complaints manager may need to inform and/or involve other Armidale Catholic Schools Office staff in the management of the complaint. The complaints manager will discuss this with you first.


If you are not satisfied with the outcome you may choose to pursue external resolution alternatives.  


When you make a complaint you can choose to remain anonymous and your complaint will still be taken seriously.  


The Armidale Catholic Schools Office aims to resolve all complaints within 21 days. If it is decided that an investigation is required, it may take longer to determine an outcome.